Welcome to study how to operate drones!

What is it?

A modular, free training by the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Centria University of Applied Sciences. The participants learn the skills of a professional drone pilot.

Flying a drone for a living?

Finnish industry and research groups have a great demand for professional drone pilots. Drones have applications in various industries like waste management, energy sector, smart traffic and construction. Professional drone piloting is a complex profession and at least a bachelor’s degree level of technical understanding is required.

For a drone pilot to be successful, he needs to understand different camera and measurement devices and be capable of analyzing the data they produce. Additionally, the pilot must know the legislation related to drones.

For whom?

Dronemaster is the right course for you if you have a hobby, study or work background in technology and an interest in drones. For pilot training there is no eligibility criteria.

The content of the PILOT2 course?

Currently the PILOT2 is available for students. Finished Module 2 Modern UAS Technologies is further developed based on the feedback from the PILOT1 and covers e.g. following topics: 

  • Basics of aerodynamical and mechanical properties.
  • Drone mechanics and basic components.
  • Mission-specific sensors and devices.
  • Basic principles of drone operations.

Students have time until 18.11.2022 to finish the module.

We have finished the piloting. The final course is launched Feb-March 2023.